5 Things to Look for When Hiring a Meeting Room

By 2020, half of the UK workforce will work remotely. That’s a staggering number of people. Businesses are finally embracing the efficiency and productivity benefits of remote working, but there is one problem: finding space to meet people offline.

Working at your kitchen table is great, but when it’s time to meet clients, you need to hire a meeting room that makes a great impression. Here are five key things to look for when renting meeting room space.

1. Fast, Secure WiFi

WiFi security is a huge challenge for freelancers and remote workers. All too often, workers log on to public networks that don’t encrypt data, and leave users open to hacks, phishing, and identity theft.

To protect the intellectual property of your client, you must make sure that every participant can log on to a secure network. That’s one of the main reasons coffee shops are unsuitable for business meetings, and dedicated spaces are a must.

2. Refreshments on Tap

If you’re having a quick stand-up meeting, or a 15-minute catch-up, you can get by without tea and coffee. If you’re going to be talking for closer to an hour, or longer, it’s courteous to provide refreshments for your attendees.

Good meeting rooms will provide tea, coffee, and water with each booking, and you shouldn’t pay extra for them. Sure; you could do a coffee shop run, but it’s just wasting time when you should be sitting down to discuss the matter at hand.

3. Business Equipment

Meeting in a coffee shop sounds like a convenient idea, but what happens if someone forgets to print the agenda?

For a meeting to be effective, you need all of the facilities you’d find in your office. That means that the facility should have printers, photocopiers, and people to help you with your admin.

The last thing you want is a client to read your proposal, then leave without signing their contract. Having this support on hand just helps to keep things moving along smoothly.

4. Breakout Spaces

Once the meeting is over, you might want to invite your attendees to stay for a chat. Often, these informal periods are extremely valuable for networking and getting to know new people.

A meeting room with additional space, such as a bar or lounge, is a great option. Alternatively, look for somewhere with beautiful outdoor space that you can use on warm days and into the evening.

5. Parking and Perks

Meeting room space is no use if your clients struggle to park. It creates the wrong impression, and it can also delay valuable meeting room time that you’ve paid for. If your meeting room is in demand, difficulty parking could mean curtailing the event before it’s in full swing.

Increasingly, business customers are looking for parking close to their venue, with the option of electric car charging points for customers that drive EVs. The latter won’t be necessary all the time, but if you can offer EV charging during the meeting, it’ll reflect very positively on your business.

Meeting Rooms at The Colony

Situated near Wilmslow, The Colony offers modern, flexible, meeting space that will wow your clients and create a great first impression. With a mixture of spaces from 8 to 24 people, we have a room to suit any freelancer or small business. Our members benefit from vehicle charging, parking, and a friendly reception team — and that all-important complimentary coffee.

For more information on how The Colony can help you to grow your business, get in touch with us on 01625 254000.