6 Top Tips for Choosing the Right Wedding Venue for You

Choosing a wedding venue is one of the biggest decisions you’ll make as a newly engaged couple. Though exciting, it can feel overwhelming trying to find the perfect location for your big day.

Your choice of venue will affect a multitude of other factors in your wedding, so selecting somewhere that perfectly reflects your vision as a couple is important. Below, we’ve listed some of our top tips for choosing the right wedding venue for you.

1. Know Your Budget

Having a firm idea of your wedding budget is important before you start doing any wedding shopping. Knowing what your budget is will allow you to select a beautiful venue within your limits – leaving you with money left over for other parts of the day!

2. Estimate Numbers

You and your fiance may not have nailed down the particulars of your guest list quite yet, but having an estimate of the size of your wedding will serve you well when it comes to selecting the right venue for you. Would you prefer a small, intimate gathering?  Or are you thinking of throwing an enormous extravaganza for everyone you know?

Having a rough estimate of your guest list numbers will also help you work out a budget for your wedding, as costs are often largely dependent on the number of guests you have.

3. Choose Your Date

Popular wedding venues are popular for a reason, and can get booked up many months in advance, especially during peak wedding season. To avoid disappointment, selecting a time-frame for your wedding – a particular season or month, say – will help give you some flexibility for finding venues that are available when you need them.

4. Have a Vision of Your Venue

Perhaps the most important tip of all – have a vision for your venue. Many couples these days want a wedding venue that reflects their personalities as a couple. That could mean a unique, outdoors wedding for the free-spirited, or an ultra-modern, sleek venue for followers of contemporary fashion.

Whichever you are, try to agree on a vision for your wedding between you, and keep this in mind when viewing venues. This will help you ascertain whether you can see your wedding taking place here, rather than someone else’s.

5. Don’t Book the First One You See!

It may be tempting to book the first beautiful venue you see, but patience is definitely a virtue when it comes to weddings. Although time consuming, viewing several wedding venues will help you to create a check-list of wants – and you may find that the first venue you saw wasn’t so perfect after all!

6. Consider Consulting a Planner

The logistics of organising an event as big as a wedding can be extremely stressful, and if this is the case for you it may be a good idea to consider consulting a professional wedding planner. Planners have years of experience planning weddings, and will often be able to provide some great advice when it comes to selecting the right venue for your vision, budget and guest list.

At The Colony HQ, our beautiful Cheshire countryside location provides the perfect stylish venue for a sleek and sophisticated wedding. To view our venue as a potential location for your dream wedding, simply contact us today and we’ll be happy to help you!