Christmas Weddings: Why They’re a Hidden Gem

As the festive season gets into full swing, you probably have a series of social engagements booked in – works parties, family get-together, Christmas lunch and New Year celebrations. There is also the outside chance you may have been invited to a wedding over the holiday season.

If you happen to be a couple thinking ahead to your own nuptials, this is a great opportunity to experience first hand just how fantastic Christmas weddings can be. We tend to compartmentalise weddings as being a summer thing, with the typical picture postcard dream day being awash with warmth and sunshine. But put aside seasonal differences in the weather and there is a lot to recommend a Christmas wedding.

Here are just some of the reasons why you should spend this Christmas planning to create a different kind of white wedding for yourself next year.

Capture that festive spirit

Top of the list of reasons why Christmas weddings make for fantastic occasions is that everyone is already in a celebratory mood. Although it comes with its stresses, at its best Christmas is a magical time for bringing friends and family together to share good times and remember the best things in life. And what better way to add an extra sprinkling of special than by hosting a wedding over the holiday period? It will make Christmas that bit more exciting and memorable for everyone involved, the guests as much as the bride and groom.

Seasonal decor

For many people, creating the right kind of ambience for their big day is an important part of wedding planning, and they spend a considerable amount of time researching, buying and making decorations that give their venue the finishing touch they desire. Over Christmas, this is made a lot easier as there is a virtually endless supply of ready-made solutions and inspirations already available.

If you want to glam things up for a glitzy party, sparkling baubles and fairy lights can be used to stunning effect. Or for a more earthy and natural style, real Christmas trees, holly wreaths and lots and lots of mistletoe can help to transform your venue into a magical, romantic winter grotto. Similarly, the colours typically associated with Christmas – deep greens and vibrant reds, shimmering golds and velvety purples – are just ready made for jaw-dropping decor.

A winter feast

It is now widely accepted that Christmas, rather than marking the historical birthdate of Jesus, is a celebration tagged onto much earlier festivities that marked the winter solstice. And one of the reasons why people throughout the ages, particularly in more northern latitudes, have prioritised holding great big feasts in the middle of winter is simply to help forget about the cold and dark for a while.

When there is little to cheer about the weather, what better way to make up for it than with plenty of eating, drinking and general merriment? For many people, that is what Christmas is all about, and that is again something that can be tapped into for your wedding. Think tables laden with succulent meats and crisp roasted vegetables, think mulled wine, think mince pies and sticky spiced puddings – what else would you rather be doing in the depths of winter?

As you mull over the idea of a Christmas wedding whilst mulling your wine this year, remember that your choice of venue is perhaps the biggest decision you will have to make about the whole day.

At the Colony HQ, our flexible function areas offer stylish and contemporary spaces all year round, and we are more than happy to deck them out with all the boughs of holly you need to create your perfect Christmas wedding venue.

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