Club Working vs Co Working – Which One is Best For Your Business?

The rise in freelancing and the ‘gig economy’ has generated renewed interest in shared and temporary office spaces. Gone are the stuffy hotel business centres; now professionals are looking for comfortable surroundings, great coffee, and high-speed WiFi included.

But which is better: a club, or a co-working venue?

In truth, both of these work spaces have benefits for busy entrepreneurs. But it all comes down to first impressions.

Club Working

Working from Colony HQ space provides all the same benefits as co-working. Whether you need a small meeting room or a boardroom for 24 people, the facilities are roughly the same. Additionally, most work spaces now offer speedy WiFi, modern and hassle-free printing, and convenient refreshments on demand.

But if you need to meet an important client for a chat, is a co-working space going to be enough for you to give them that all-important first impression? The last thing you want is to be crammed into a small space, or worse meeting in a public area.

But with a Colony HQ membership, you can access other areas, like the bar or the lounge, when a meeting room isn’t essential. That’s a more convenient place for informal meetings, and it means you can add a little hospitality into the mix, beyond the ordinary tea and coffee that a co-working space likely provides. A few snacks can help to keep minds engaged and encourage fruitful discussion.

If a meeting room is a must, then a club house still gives you that benefit too. So you get the best of all worlds for one low membership fee.

Work And Leisure

A club working space provides valuable facilities that go above and beyond simple co-working. So you can enjoy the space to relax, unwind, or rejuvenate in-between meetings, or after a busy day. Are you sure that you’d want to go and hang out at a co-working space after hours?

Club WorkingYou might just appreciate a place to have a shower and charge your phone when nipping to different client sites. We can offer that too. And the fact we’re located close to Manchester Airport means you’ll always have a reason to pop in after a long flight.

At The Colony, we provide everything from hearty breakfasts to electric vehicle charging, as well as meeting room and event space hire for our members. We can even arrange a place to land your helicopter! There’s a concierge on hand to assist with the day’s schedule once you disembark.

Your Office And Home From Home

The Colony offers the benefits of a modern, well-equipped club house and workspace with breathtaking views of the Cheshire countryside. Enjoy panoramic views from our outdoor seating area, complete with comfy sofas and generous parking for our members.

With a Day Pass, you can take our facilities for a test drive without the need to commit on day one.

To sign up for a Colony membership and enjoy the best our contemporary venue has to offer, just give our friendly team a call now on 01625 254000.