Digital Wedding Planners: Are They Any Good?

In this day and age, there is an app for everything – even planning your wedding. Just as real life wedding planners who act as consultants and help with all the arrangements find themselves increasingly in demand, so the market for wedding planning websites and mobile apps is booming too.

It is perfectly understandable that people should want a bit of help with planning a wedding. It is a major undertaking, planning the most memorable day of your life. It is also perfectly understandable that people should turn to technology. With our lives increasingly immersed in the digital world, and relying as we do on our smartphones and the internet for so many things, why should wedding planning be any different?

But can these digital wedding planners actually deliver?

The first point to make is that it depends very much on what kind of help you are looking for from a wedding planner. If you are after someone to take on a lot of the nitty gritty, hands-on planning for you – ordering the dress, booking the venue, choosing menus, researching entertainment and so on – then you are not going to get much mileage out of an app. That is where you need a real person.

But if the main thing you are after is guidance and advice, a bit of knowledge about where to get started and to keep you on the right path throughout the process, then digital wedding planners can be just the thing. They are very effective at sifting through the mountains of information that exist about planning a wedding online, selecting what is useful and relevant and structuring it in a way that is easy to follow as you go through the planning process.

When you’ve got enough on your plate planning the actual wedding, that can save you a lot of precious time and effort on research.

From inspiration to organisation

The majority of online wedding planners offer three core functions:

  • Inspiration: This typically involves lots of examples and plenty of glossy photos to get your creative juices flowing and to help you visualise what all the different aspects of your perfect day will look like.
  • Directory: Most digital planners include lists of suggestions for all the various suppliers you might need for planning your wedding. Some have the facility to let you make orders directly, although in return for this convenience you will probably get a more limited choice as the site will only have commercial arrangements with a few different partners. Also, most directories will not necessarily cater for local supplier options.
  • Planning tools: Arguably the most useful part of the digital wedding planner offer, these include handy tools for creating and managing things like your budget, guest lists, gift lists, supplier lists, and just general to do lists so you can tick things off as you go. Especially when you have these on an app on your phone, this can be a really useful practical aid that you can rely on throughout the planning process.

Some planning apps and sites will also include search and recommendation tools for venues. But as with certain suppliers, location is a key factor in your venue choice and no one site can cover all possibilities. Your decision on venue is probably best handled by you and your partner directly.

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