The Downfall of the Stately Home Wedding

In 2015, the Evening Standard reported that church weddings were rapidly being overlooked in favour of less traditional venues such as large hotels and stately homes. Now, in 2017, trends are shifting again with a rise in the popularity of alternative wedding venues across the UK replacing the use of stately home

The rise of alternative wedding venues

More and more couples are choosing to move away from religious weddings and traditional venues, seeking instead locations that they feel suit their personalities.

Alternative wedding venues cover anything from hiring out an ice rink (if that takes your fancy), getting back to nature with an outdoor wedding out in the countryside, or for a modern, sophisticated location to suit your style, such as our luxury wedding venue here at Colony HQ.

Standing out

When everyone is doing one thing, it can quickly get a little old. Think of all the weddings you’ve been to, which venue do you remember better? The traditional old (but beautiful) stately home, or the fairy-tale wedding hosted by candlelight in the woods? Couples are bored of the same story, and want something unique to them – so it’s no wonder that more alternative venues are popping up everywhere.

The social media effect

Could it be that, with the sharing power of social media, couples feel more pressure to make their own wedding really stand out? Or perhaps it is just easier than ever to find ideas for different venues.

Just typing the wedding hashtag into Instagram will show you more quirky and cute trends than you ever realised existed – from personalised wedding cocktails to couples shunning formal wear and having fancy-dress weddings instead!

Stately homes are beautiful and historic, but they’ve been done many times before. A unique and alternative wedding venue really gives a couple the chance to show off to their friends and family – not to mention anyone else peeping in from social media in the years to follow.

Change in attitudes

There has been a definite shift in attitudes towards weddings these days. Typically, weddings were considered a more formal affair – particularly the ceremony itself. However, a report conducted by Mintel in late 2016 found that 54% of couples now want their wedding to be remembered by guests as a fun party.

This change in attitudes could definitely be a reason why many couples are moving away from traditional wedding venues and opting for a celebration that reflects their unique personalities exactly – and we can’t blame them!

At The Colony HQ, our unique wedding venue suits couples looking for an alternative venue that speaks sophistication, luxury, and style. With options to host small, intimate groups or go all out with large and loud parties, we have something for everyone, and will work hand in hand with you to tailor-make your wedding package exactly to your requirements.

If this sounds like something for you, contact us today and we’d be more than happy to discuss your event hire in more detail and get the ball rolling on your dream wedding day.