Five Eco-Friendly Wedding Favours for Your Big Day

To many a happy couple, wedding favours are an important way to say a small ‘thank you!’ to their guests for helping them celebrate their big day.

But decisions over what to give as favours can be tricky. With a large guest list, you want something cheap enough not to blow a big hole in your overall budget, but without risking looking tacky. Sadly, a lot of the more ‘affordable’ products marketed as wedding favours tend not to be overly concerned with quality of craftsmanship or materials.

And that raises another issue – for the sake of a little thank you to guests, do you want to be purchasing dozens of plastic trinkets that inevitably end up contributing to the world’s plastic pile? Even if the items themselves are made out of recyclable material, there is still the issue of plastic wrappers, or glossy paper used on ‘thank you’ gift tags.

Wouldn’t it just be better overall if you could find completely eco-friendly favours that still add a unique touch your guests will appreciate and remember? Here are five great ideas for doing just that!

Seeds or seedlings

Great for cheesy but cute lines such as ‘grown with love’ or ‘let happiness blossom’, providing a packet of seeds or a seedling for each guest is a fabulously thoughtful favour idea which will give everyone a lasting memory of you big day. Source seedlings that come in biodegradable cork planters that can go straight into the ground. Alternatively, opt for wild flower seeds and do the bees a favour!

Beeswax candles

Sticking to the the theme of bees, beeswax candles are another popular, pretty and eco-friendly option. Helping to support local beekeepers,all-natural beeswax candles will also delight your guests with the beautiful aroma of warm honey they give off when lit. Definitely the bees knees!

Recycled paper crafts

If you want to get into the sustainable spirit for your wedding day, you can do a lot worse than opt for favours made from recycled materials. Paper crafts is a popular choice, and there are plenty of small businesses out there that create beautiful gifts using chemical-free, handmade techniques. Check out this gorgeous collection of hand crafted paper flowers as one example.

DIY jam

You can’t go wrong with edibles as wedding favours, and a bit of DIY jam-making is a great way to encourage a bit of community spirit during your wedding preparations. Everyone has a relative or a friend of a friend who is great at making jams or preserves. Once you have them on board, reach out to your guests to a) donate miniature jars and b) use the summer and early autumn months to collect the fruit of your choice. Then get a group of friends together for a big jam-making day!

Fair Trade favours

Finally, another route you can go down in pursuit of ethical, sustainable favours is to look to source some hand-crafted goodies from community projects around the globe. You literally have a world of choice here, with hundreds of thousands of worthy causes you could back. One that is marketed specifically for wedding favours in the UK is The HeartFelt Project, which supplies all sorts of hand-sewn felt crafts produced by a women workers’ cooperative in South Africa.

Got the favours sorted? Now all you need is the perfect wedding venue! Set in the heart of the rolling Cheshire countryside, The Colony HQ offers a unique, stylish and contemporary setting for a celebration everyone will be talking about. Contact our team to find out more.