Five Signs You Would Benefit From A Wedding Planner

There is no doubt about it, planning a wedding is a huge undertaking. When you are talking about creating the most memorable day of your life, spending thousands of pounds on a celebration that could involve hundreds of people, it is easy to see why people find the prospect daunting.

That is why wedding planning has grown into a thriving industry. Third-party professional planners not only promise to take the weight off the shoulders of the happy couple, they bring to the table expertise and experience which can often achieve better results with less effort.

But for all getting in specialist help makes sense with such a big undertaking, many people remain reluctant to hand over the reins to someone else. The additional cost notwithstanding, brides and grooms-to-be often jealously guard control over what is, after all, their big day.

So how do you know if the upsides of hiring a wedding planner would justify the extra cost and some relinquishing of control? Here are five signs you should take note of.

You are struggling to know where to get started

So you’ve gotten engaged, you’ve basked in the excitement of your prospective nuptials for a while and you’ve enjoyed flashing your enormous rock of an engagement ring to all and sundry. But when it comes to actually discussing and planning a real live wedding day, you’ve done precisely nothing. And worse than that, you don’t have a clue where to start. Don’t worry – many, many couples find themselves in this position. And if the prospect fills you both with mutual dread, it might just be a hint that a wedding planner could be a good idea.

You both have very busy lives

One of the difficulties with planning a wedding is fitting it in with the rest of your life. If you both work full time, if you perhaps already have a young family or even if work keeps one of you away for extended periods, finding the time to get on top of wedding plans might prove a challenge. This is a perfect example of where the professional knowledge of a planner can help to take some of the burden off you both.

You want to get married away from home

More and more couples are choosing to travel to find the perfect location for their wedding. While this can play a big part in creating an unforgettable day, it does throw up logistical challenges in planning. Local knowledge can be vital in deciding on suppliers for your wedding, and you will often need to be on hand to meet people in person. Employing a wedding planner local to where you plan to get married can give you that ‘agent on the ground’ to take care of all of these things.

You are pressed for time

Some couples don’t want to hang around being engaged for years. Once the question has been popped, they set their sights on sealing the deal as soon as possible, sometimes setting themselves very challenging timescales in which to plan a wedding. If, for example, you have celebrated an Easter engagement but still want to push for a summer wedding, it might be worth looking to a wedding planner to help get everything arranged in time.

You are falling behind schedule

Finally, the decision to bring in a wedding planner isn’t something that has to be restricted to the very earliest stages of the process. A professional planner will step in to lend a hand at any stage you deem it necessary. This can often be a life saver for couples who, half way through planning a wedding, find themselves drowning in to do lists and stressing out about how fast the clock is ticking. If you feel it is all getting too much at any stage, a wedding planner is a handy fall back to bear in mind.