Four Funky Food Options to Make Mouths Water at Your Wedding

Every happy couple wants to make their wedding day an event to remember, not just for them but for their guests also. Arguably the most reliable way to create a lasting impression on a large group of people is one of the most basic – through their bellies.

More and more couples are paying extra attention to their catering options because they realise that, regardless of everything else, if everyone enjoys a delicious and satisfying feed as part of the celebrations, they will leave happy. And that in turn is leading many people to rethink the traditional sit-down meal option and look for unique, out-of-the-box culinary experiences that will really give their wedding a ‘wow’ factor.

Here are four food options to fire up your imagination as you plan your wedding.

Gourmet BBQ

There’s nothing quite like the smell and taste of freshly-cooked chargrilled cuisine sizzling right before your eyes on a bright summer’s day. When it comes to pleasing a large and diverse crowd, you can’t go wrong with a BBQ – with the added bonus that it keeps things relatively simple. As well as the standard fare of burgers, sausages and chicken drumsticks, treat you guests to something extra special with a selection of choice chops, steaks, grilled fish and seafood, or how about going the whole, er, hog with a hog roast? And don’t worry about your vegetarian or vegan guests, either – from tasty meat substitute seitan cutletsto giant jackfruit, there are plenty of exotic and delicious meat-free BBQ options available these days.

Picnic Buffet

Another sure-fire winner for a summer wedding, why not swap the tables, chairs and formal seating plans for a more relaxed, intimate affair on picnic blankets and giant cushions? Almost every type of food tastes better when you’re sat out in the sunshine, the scent of freshly cut grass and blossom mingling with the tasty aromas of the food itself. Which means you can serve up pretty much any kind of food you like at a picnic, from traditional sandwich-and-cake afternoon tea fare to a more substantial and varied buffet selection. Oh, and picnics are just made for champagne as well!

Pizza and wine

You’ve heard of cheese and wine parties – but what about pizza and wine for something a little more substantial and satisfying? Pizza really is an absolute winner for feeding lots of hungry mouths, simple, filling and absolutely delicious. Plus, traditional wood burning pizza ovens are easy to hire these days. The basics of pizza – bread, cheese and a little bit of herby tomato sauce for good measure – are just made to accompany a fine Chianti or refreshing Verdicchio. You can keep things as basic as you like or really go to town with the extravagance of your toppings – truffle and lobster on a focaccia base, anyone?

Street food vans

Finally, for all the festival lovers out there, how about recreating that party vibe with a selection mobile kitchens serving up, well, absolutely anything you fancy? Whether it is traditional favourites like fish and chips or pie and mash, or exotic menus from the far-flung corners of the world, food vans have the advantage of offering variety, flexibility and convenience to your wedding catering. Their mobility also means food vans are a great option for off-the-beaten path venues that might lack extensive catering facilities.

Whatever your catering preferences, The Colony HQ provides a flexible choice of venue options to suit all requirements. Whether you want to picnic on our extensive manicured lawns, take advantage of our BBQ and hog roast facilities or enjoy a sit-down mean in our elegant Terrace, we can guarantee an experience no one will forget.

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