Four Reasons to Base Your Business in Cheshire’s Golden Triangle

Location, location, location. It was a phrase made popular by a long-running TV property show, a concise summary of what estate agents tell us really matters when you are buying a home. But if location is everything when it comes to choosing where to live, it certainly shouldn’t be overlooked when selecting business premises, either.

Cheshire’s Golden Triangle – that wedge-shaped slice of the county formed by the points of Wilmslow, Alderley Edge and Prestbury – has become famous as one of the most sought-after real estate locations not just in the county, but the whole of the North of England. The quaint little hamlets and grand mansion houses that dot the rolling countryside have become a magnet to millionaire footballers and business moguls plying their trades in nearby Manchester and Liverpool, adding to the affluence of the well-heeled native ‘Cheshire set.’

At Colony, we are lucky enough to be located right in the heart of all of this, just outside the vibrant town of Wilmslow. Our fully equipped serviced offices provide the ideal opportunity to run your business in the midst of this millionaire’s playground. Here are four reasons why you would want to.

Beautiful surroundings

Your environment matters as much to where you work as it does to where you live. Spending your entire 9 to 5 working life in the crowded, fast-paced concrete jungles that are modern urban centres only adds to stress levels and gives you no sense of escape. But out in the countryside, escape is just the other side of the office window – the tranquillity and peace of the rolling fields, the trees and the hedgerows. Lowering stress levels and giving staff opportunities to ‘switch off’ for periods during the working day is proven to raise productivity levels, and what better way to do that than sit and take in the country views for a while?

Local amenities

With all the Premier League football stars, TV celebrities and business tycoons that have been attracted to the area, the local economy in and around the Golden Triangle has boomed. Towns like Wilmslow and Alderley Edge are far from sleepy rural backwaters – they are filled with exclusive boutique shops, gourmet restaurants and vibrant bars and clubs. In fact, you could say you get the best of city living, but with a picturesque country idyll on your doorstep.

Entrepreneurial hotspot

The Golden Triangle isn’t just famous for being where wealthy celebrities locate their multi-million pound cribs. Probably something to do with the affluence of the area, it is also a hotbed for entrepreneurial talent, with a vibrant start-up scene which has been the launchpad for many a successful enterprise. By basing your business here, you will be rubbing shoulders with like-minded aspirational types and getting the benefits of fantastic networking opportunities which will open doors to people with serious financial clout and influence.

Bask in the prestige

It’s a fact of life that people’s minds work by association. Something as mundane as a company address will still influence the way people perceive and judge the business you run. Like they say, first impressions matter, and seeing that address – Colony HQ, Wilmslow, SK9 – will borrow from the prestige of the local area and reflect it back on your company. When people think of north east Cheshire and the Golden Triangle, they think wealth and success. They are surely the kind of associations you want for your business.

To find out more about rates and availability for our prestigious serviced offices, or perhaps to arrange to come and have a look round, please contact us today.