Four Reasons to Move Your Office Out of the City

Head north from the Colony HQ along the A538 Altrincham Road and within 10 minutes you come to the M56 motorway. From there, it’s one junction to Manchester Airport, the biggest air travel hub in the UK outside London. Carry on along the motorway, and veer off at Wythenshawe down the Princess Road, and you can be in the centre of Manchester in 20 minutes.

Manchester is renowned internationally as a bustling commercial and cultural hub, teeming with enterprise, industry, arts, entertainment and nightlife. Thousands of businesses call the city centre their home. The urban sprawl seems like a world away from our peaceful corner of the Cheshire countryside just outside Wilmslow, even though it’s no more than a half-hour journey.

So why would you swap being at the centre of things in Manchester’s renowned commercial hub for offices out where dairy farming remains the key industry? Well we think there are all sorts of reasons why moving your offices away from the rat race makes perfect sense. Here are four of them.

1.      Avoid commuting hell

Getting in and out of a city the size of Manchester every morning and evening can be a nightmare. Even short journeys can drive you to utter distraction with roads gridlocked throughout the rush hours and public transport systems pushed beyond capacity. In the grand scheme of things, driving half an hour out of the city centre to get to and from work is nothing at all. And the best thing is, you are heading away from where most of the traffic is heading, and using quieter roads – which means stress-free commuting all the way.

2.      Lower rents

Real estate in any big city is in high demand, which pushes commercial leasehold prices through the roof. You might think you want your business to be right in the heart of it all, but the question is, can you afford it? By looking for office space well out of the city, you can drastically reduce your rental overheads, making it that much easier to turn a tidy profit.

3.      Enjoy the view

Let’s face it, you have to get pretty lucky to get a good view from a city centre office – maybe if you’re fortunate enough to be overlooking a park or historic building, or if you’re high enough up a multistorey to get a panoramic view of the whole city. At Colony HQ, gorgeous views come included in the price, with uninterrupted vistas over the rolling Cheshire countryside standard. What better way to tempt your eyes away from your computer screen when you need a brain break, or provide an inspiring backdrop to meetings?

4.      Take the air

Being stuck in an office all day is not great for our physical and mental constitution. We’re always advised to take breaks, get away from our screens, take a walk and get some fresh air to aid concentration. But in a big, crowded city, where do you go? Battling the crowds on busy pavements is hardly relaxing and, with the fumes of passing traffic filling your lungs, it’s not great for your health either. At Colony HQ, the tranquil rural surroundings provide the ideal environment for taking a well-deserved break from work, getting some genuinely fresh air and reinvigorating yourself for the tasks ahead.

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