Impress Your Clients – Hire Our Boardroom

Many businesses get by with bootstrapped accommodation, and some prefer open-plan working. If you work from home, or you have a small business, you probably never set foot into a boardroom.

But for your clients, a boardroom can represent an air of legitimacy. And there’s always going to be the odd meeting where you really need a private, comfortable space to thrash out an important idea.

If you need an impressive, comfortable, corporate location for meetings, you need a boardroom that you can hire ad-hoc. This gives you the space to discuss the business of the day, without the expense of dedicated meeting space on your own premises.

What’s in a Meeting?

No two meetings have the same agenda, so the boardroom you hire needs to be flexible enough to cater for different purposes.

You might need a private space to video conference, or you may need refreshments and room to move around during an important brainstorming session.

Most businesspeople want one boardroom that covers all bases, so they can cope with whatever the meeting throws up. Ample power points, printers, and reliable WiFi are all essential components.

And it makes sense to hire a boardroom that includes tea and coffee facilities, without the need to send someone to the nearest cafe. Staying hydrated will benefit everyone during longer meetings.

Location, Location, Location

There’s no point in hiring a boardroom that’s difficult for your clients to get to. By making travel and access simple for them, you’ll immediately make them feel good about your meeting. And there’s a good Valtrex for herpes chance that they’ll be more focused, and less stressed, when it’s time to get down to business.

The setting of your business location also says a lot about what you’re looking to portray in your business. A scruffy industrial park gives a very different first impression than a beautiful, spacious and well-equipped business centre.

The ideal situation is a balance between a picturesque location and a practical place to visit, with good transport links and easy on-site parking. This gives you the efficiency of a practical setting with the essence of wellbeing you get from a semi-rural place to meet.

Additional facilities, like coffee and tea, or even an on-site bar, can encourage post-work chats and even lead to some additional networking opportunities. In itself, that’s worth paying for.

The Colony: Boardroom hire in Cheshire

The Colony is the perfect location to hold your business meetings. Our breathtaking boardroom and well-equipped meeting rooms are available on demand when you need them, whether you’re a freelancer or the CEO of a growing company.

The boardroom seats up to 24 people and benefits from beautiful rural views. The smaller meeting room, seating six, is ideal for more intimate meetings, with a videoconferencing screen and views of the open fields beyond the window.

For small meetings or large, The Colony has the meeting space you need to make a great impression. Get more details on our meeting rooms page, or give us a call today to book in your first meeting.