Why Home Workers Need a ‘Home Away from Home’

If you work from home you’ll know the pitfalls that come hand in hand with the freedom to choose your workplace well enough. For many remote workers, being able to conduct their work outside of the office is liberating but staying at home all day can end up feeling more isolating and stressful than anything else.

At The Colony HQ, our dedicated workspace provides the perfect inbetween; a home from home where you can work in peace, yet still get the benefits from a social environment.

Below, we’ve listed some of the biggest reasons you should consider a home away from home for your workday and why we’re confident The Colony HQ offers the perfect solution!


Have you ever tried to work from home when other family members are around? We all know the workplace can offer its own distractions but trying to get your work done when surrounded by your own family who aren’t having to work, that’s a whole different kettle of fish!


While having your family around can be distracting, having the house to yourself can equally end up making you feel isolated. People who work from home often report feelings of isolation, spending upwards of 8 hours a day with limited human contact and without the office banter that helps the time pass quickly.

A workspace like The Colony HQ is a great inbetween, offering the solace of your own table and workspace when you want it but equally, we’re always hosting like-minded professionals who are happy to talk shop!


Some people are lucky enough to have a home office built for their every working need. Others have to make do with what they have, whether that’s a dressing table turned into a desk, or even getting work done on the kitchen counter!

At The Colony HQ, we have a range of chairs and tables to suit your every need, providing a comfortable environment that won’t have your backing aching and your eyes strained at the end of the day.


A home away from home can alleviate the need to rush to the shops halfway through your working day to pick up some milk for your must-have coffee. Instead, we have complimentary tea and coffee everyday in our dedicated work space, so you can simply help yourself and continue with more important business.

Home Away from Home

Consider using our dedicated workspace here at The Colony for your own home away from home. Located in a beautiful setting in the Cheshire countryside, our gorgeous decor, networking opportunities, and on-site chef provide the perfect environment for getting your work done in comfort.

The Colony HQ is set in the beautiful countryside of Cheshire, and plays host to weddings, business conferences and more in our sophisticated, stylish grounds. To find out more, get in touch with us today and we’ll be more than happy to provide additional details about hiring our workspace. We’re confident it is perfect for your needs.