How could a satellite office improve business performance?

For many business owners, choosing whether to work in the office or at home has become a ‘rock and hard place’ scenario. Seemingly there has been no way around it – until now, with innovative smart working hubs taking the place of hasty liaisons in Costa coffee or days on end shackled to a desk. Business processes often make a company – and when processes are improved, it often follows that success increases simultaneously.

A satellite office also represents a step in the water if based in another major city – so you can expand your business quickly and easily without the risk and significant overheads normally attached with growing your company further afield. So how could an innovative business hub like The Colony HQ improve your business’ performance and allow you to achieve growth objectives in this way?

Impress clients
An obstacle to many home workers and business owners required to travel the length and breadth of the UK is the lack of meeting space our personal living environment provides. Cafes and restaurants fill the void but don’t offer a dedicated place to present, negotiate and discuss – to properly host clients and suppliers in a professional capacity. Step in dedicated working spaces like ours here at The HQ which include areas to meet, greet (and impress) clients. Enjoy coffee, lunch, dinner or a snack in pleasant, stimulating surroundings whilst positively influencing your client, rather than diving for the one seat with a plug socket or shouting above the noise drowning our your crucial conversation in a local café.

Work more efficiently
Setting up an office takes time, money and careful consideration – whether you’re fitting out your own premises or furnishing a home office. Satellite offices and specialised remote working hubs like The Colony HQ have already meticulously pre-planned, providing everything you’re going to need to be able to run your business smoothly and efficiently. What’s more they’re set out in an accessible, intelligent way so everything you require is at your fingertips – including postal forwarding, high speed internet and admin services.

Location, location, location
Undoubtedly location matters – for obvious reasons. With more traffic on UK roads than ever before, business owners short on time with a long to do list often lament the hours spent wasted in endless traffic jams, even when working times run outside the norm. Working at home has become popular for this reason – but working remotely in a good location can also provide a savvy solution.

Location is also key when considering clients and collaborators – so transport links such as train stations, airports and major motorways should all be close by making your meeting place easy to get to for clients to get to as well as you. The Colony HQ is situated close to Manchester City Centre, Manchester International Airport and major transport links to the capital and the north for this reason.

Environment matters
Your environment matters. Studies have shown that comfort, lighting – even the positioning of furniture and office design have a bearing on our productivity as individuals. Nowhere is this more relevant than in the workplace – when productivity and mental capacity to focus must be paramount. Consequentially an environment designed purely for business and pleasure which combines the two perfectly is bound to have a positive effect on company success all-round.

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