How to Create the Perfect Wedding Seating Plan

If you’re having a meal at your wedding, you need a seating plan to go with it. Many couples are daunted by the prospect of seating guests, but it really isn’t tricky once you know how.

Avoid the stress of seating incompatible people together with our tried and tested tips.

Why Have a Seating Plan?

First things first: seating plans are a necessary evil. There’s no way around them, because the seating plan isn’t just for you. It will allow servers to bring meals out more quickly, and ensure that people with food allergies or special requirements get the correct dishes.

Additionally, seating plans help the whole day to run on time, and avoid the chaos of people scrambling to get seats together.

Seating Plan Tips

As far as possible, your seating plan should be a practical plan based around putting compatible people together. And the fewer people you have ‘helping’ you, the easier it will be.

Tip 1: Copy Your Floor Plan

Your planner will provide seating plan options. Make a few copies of the floor plan, or draw a diagram on your computer or tablet that you can reuse.

Aim to get 6-8 people around a round table, if your floor plan allows. This should provide a little bit of elbow room, and it will give people space to leave their seat without bumping into their neighbour.

If your tables are rectangular, and you have to have a chair on the end, it’s a good idea to put little ones in that space.

Tip 2: Decide Whether to Assign Seats, or Tables

Some guests don’t like being told where to sit, especially if you are mixing up people who don’t know each other.

It can be more sensible to assign tables, not seats, and allow people to work out the exact arrangement for themselves. This works well if you don’t know your guests that well, or you want to avoid forcing people to sit together if they don’t get along.

Tip 3: Mix or Match?

Assuming you are keeping people in family groups, seat your biggest families first. Then, think about mixing it up so that people have someone new to talk to.

You know your family and friends best, so you can decide whether this is a good idea. But in general, guests like to have a mix of conversation, rather than just sitting with people they know. Arranging people by age is a good idea, since they are more likely to have things in common.

Whatever you decide, it’s a good idea to keep couples and families close. Mixing single people sounds fun, but it can be awkward for them, so be careful.

Tip 4: Seat Yourself Centrally

It’s traditional — but not compulsory — for the bride and groom to sit with each others’ families in a long line at the front. If this is too formal for you, sitting centrally can make you more accessible to your guests.

And if you don’t like the idea of dining in front of people, a curved or circular top table will make you feel more relaxed. You could also choose to place each person’s parent(s) on a table with their friends, if they haven’t seen them for a while.

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