How to Plan an Eco-Friendly Wedding

Your wedding should be a day to remember forever without leaving a permanent mark on the environment. From confetti to wedding cars, a few tweaks could help you to have a greener wedding, with less plastic and a more natural feel.

Rethink Your Transport

Getting people to and from different wedding venues can require a small army of helpers, and a fleet of large vehicles. And while old buses and motor cars give a wedding a vintage feel, they’re no good for couples looking at the eco-friendly option.

Harry and Meghan made waves with their one-of-a-kind, modified electric E-Type Jaguar— but you’ll be lucky to find another one just like it!

More and more hire car companies are responding to the demand for eco friendly wedding car hire. You might want to hire a fleet of Teslas, for example, or get picked up in a classic Rickshaw after the main event.

Even if your funds are limited, you could simply encourage your guests to form a car pool.

Ditch the Single Use Plastic

Not all plastics are made equal. Single-use plastics, like tablecloths and disposable cutlery, can sometimes be recycled, but many plastic items are simply thrown into landfill.

When you plan your wedding, think about the decorations, dining, and table dressings to try and reduce or eliminate plastic entirely. Do you need to wrap chocolates in plastic? What about paper bags instead?

For catering, be sure to get your venue on board. Wooden cutlery is a more eco-friendly disposable option than plastic, if disposable is a must. And you can forego the plastic more here tablecloths by buying reusable oilcloths — they have the added benefit of being used as souvenirs, or recycled for other weddings by the venue.

Remember: not all ‘eco-friendly’ plastics are as friendly as they seem. Special facilities are sometimes required for compostable items, even though they aren’t specially labelled. Before investing in bulk, check with the venue to see how they dispose of their waste; there’s no point in spending a fortune on compostable items if there is nowhere to process them in your area.

Final point: glitter is a no-no as far as marine pollution is concerned. Use eco-friendly petals as decoration instead.

Choose the Right Venue

Using a venue that’s used to hosting weddings is a good way to reduce waste. The less you have to buy just for your wedding, the more equipment can be reused by the venue, and the more efficient the whole day will be.

The Colony is the ideal Wilmslow wedding venue for eco-conscious couples. We have electric car charging points for your EV-owning guests or rented electric vehicles, as well as a large car park for your rickshaw or horse-drawn transport!

Come and chat to us in detail about your requirements, and enjoy your perfect day while treading lightly on the earth. We’re here to handle all of the details and ensure everything goes to plan.

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