The Benefits of a Local Address for Your Business

You may be weighing up new opportunities for your business, such as reaching out into new markets in new locations. However, one of the biggest obstacles many businesses face when trying to gain a foothold in a new locale is a lack of credibility due to being perceived as “outsiders.”

At The Colony HQ, our Business Plus membership allows the opportunity to have a Wilmslow address in order to conduct business in the local Cheshire area. Below, we’ve listed some of the major benefits of this option and why you may want to consider it for your company.

Increases Trust

When you shop for a service or product, you’re more likely to trust the company operating just round the corner as opposed to the one located hundreds of miles away. That’s common sense and any business who is looking to break into a new market will know the boost having a local site address can give them.

These days, there is a huge focus on giving back to your local community, supporting independent businesses and shopping locally. Without a local address, it is possible that your business could be overlooked in favour of a nearby competitor.

Get to Know the Local Area

If you’re looking to break into the Cheshire market, what better way to get a measure of the environment than basing yourself here at The Colony HQ. With dedicated workspaces, we’re open for you to get your tasks done, take stock of the local market, hold meetings with local businesses if you need to and to provide a local address for potential business partners and clients to contact you.

Give yourself an edge by having a recognisable, local address and you’ll be leaps ahead of unknown competitors also trying to get into the market here.

Mail & Meetings

Finally, having a local address enables you to have your mail sent here and then forwarded on to your official headquarters, ensuring that potential clients are able to contact you easily.

What’s more, when expanding into a new market, it is likely that you’ll need to conduct many meetings with potential partners and clients. Having a local address where you can hold your meetings is a great opportunity to make a positive impact without anyone having to travel too far.

Business Plus Membership with The Colony HQ

If you’re looking for a local address in Cheshire, you’ll be pleased to know that our Business Plus membership offers that and so much more.

As a Business Plus member, you’ll also have access to all lounge and bar areas on our stylish ground floor, complimentary tea and coffee all day long in our dedicated workspace, the option to work discretely in one of our micro offices, high speed WiFi, mail storage and forwarding, and more. Business Plus not only gives you access to the Cheshire market; it also gives you the ability to work locally in a luxurious setting.

If you’re interested in discussing our Business Plus membership package in more detail, simply get in touch with us directly here. We’ll be more than happy to give you all the information you need.