Wedding To Do List

12 Month Wedding Countdown To Do List

So the proposal has happened – it was a great big resounding ‘yes’, you’ve announced your engagement to friends and family, and you have even set a provisional date.

Now is when the hard work starts!

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Winter Wedding

The Pros and Cons of a Winter Wedding

We all the the stereotype of the dream wedding day – clear blue skies, bright sunshine, guests sipping champagne on a lush green lawn while the bride and groom pose for photographs against the backdrop of gardens in full bloom. Or something along those lines, anyway.

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Why More Entrepreneurs are Scrapping Offices

Of all the changes that have affected modern businesses recently, remote working is perhaps the most profound. Empowered by faster connection speeds and cloud technology, employees are free to choose the best location to work – even if it’s on the other side of the world.

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Virtual Office

Save Money and Hassle With a Virtual Office

For hundreds of thousands of people, work is synonymous with heading to the office everyday. But more and more businesses are swapping office space for a much cheaper, simpler alternative – the virtual office.

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Wedding Seating Plan

How to Create the Perfect Wedding Seating Plan

If you’re having a meal at your wedding, you need a seating plan to go with it. Many couples are daunted by the prospect of seating guests, but it really isn’t tricky once you know how.

Avoid the stress of seating incompatible people together with our tried and tested tips.

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Business Plus Membership

The Benefits of a Local Address for Your Business

You may be weighing up new opportunities for your business, such as reaching out into new markets in new locations. However, one of the biggest obstacles many businesses face when trying to gain a foothold in a new locale is a lack of credibility due to being perceived as “outsiders.”

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Home Workers

Why Home Workers Need a ‘Home Away from Home’

If you work from home you’ll know the pitfalls that come hand in hand with the freedom to choose your workplace well enough. For many remote workers, being able to conduct their work outside of the office is liberating but staying at home all day can end up feeling more isolating and stressful than anything else.

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Stately Home Wedding

The Downfall of the Stately Home Wedding

In 2015, the Evening Standard reported that church weddings were rapidly being overlooked in favour of less traditional venues such as large hotels and stately homes. Now, in 2017, trends are shifting again with a rise in the popularity of alternative wedding venues across the UK replacing the use of stately home

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