Planning the Perfect Birthday Party

Remember birthday parties? If you have young children they are no doubt a staple part of your weekend social life. But what about your own? When was the last time you had one?

As we reach adulthood, the once-annual ritual of party hats, pass the parcel and cake is something we tend to leave behind, to be revisited perhaps once every five or 10 years for those big milestone birthdays. Even then, we tend not to bother with the pass the parcel and hats anymore.

So how do you plan the perfect birthday celebration for a grown up kid? If you have a loved one approaching a particular landmark in their journey through life, you may feel they deserve to mark the occasion in a special way. No matter how old we get, we all still love a good party, so let’s take a look at some of the essentials for organising a knees-up no one will forget.

The guest list

People are what make any party great so the first job is to pull together a guest list and get invitations sent out. A birthday party is a great reason to get in touch with friends from the past and make the occasion that extra bit special with old faces who haven’t been seen for a number of years. This can be quite a challenge, especially if you are keeping the party a secret so can’t asked the loved one in question for help.

The trick is to give yourself plenty of time to track people down by starting the planning well in advance. Also, the more notice you give people, the more likely it is they will be able to make it, especially anyone who will have to travel to attend.

The venue

Once you have an idea of numbers, the next step is to book a venue. You may want to do this before you send out formal invitations, but drawing up a potential guest list will give you an indication of the size of venue you need – you can always valtrex shop send a ‘save the date’ notice before you have a place confirmed.

As well as guest numbers, the type of venue you hire will be influenced by the type of party you want to have. If you want to lay on food, you will need somewhere that can offer catering, or at least have the facilities for outside catering to come in. If you want a party where everyone can let their hair down and have a boogey, you will want somewhere with space for a dancefloor.

Another factor in choosing the venue will be the time of year the birthday falls in. For winter birthdays, you probably want to stick to somewhere warm and cosy indoors. But for summer celebrations, there is always the option to throw an outdoor party and make the best of whatever sunshine is on offer.


Once we have left childhood behind we might have outgrown pass the parcel and pin the tail on the donkey, but no party is complete without entertainment. Having a DJ is a classic choice so everyone can enjoy a good dance, but another option is to hire a band to provide some live music.

Just because it is a grown-ups’ party doesn’t mean games are not a good idea, either. Instead of children’s classics like pin the tail on the donkey, how about setting up casino-style card and roulette tables, or having bar games like table football and air hockey? You could also run things like bingo or a pub quiz, or encourage people to show their competitive side with a karaoke competition.

And some kids’ party classics are also still a great option no matter how old we get – a good magician has the ability to astound and amaze even the biggest of kids.

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