How to Pull Off the Perfect Outdoor Wedding

Deciding on the venue is arguably the biggest decision you will have to make when planning your wedding. Most couples have a clear vision in mind of what they want from their dream location and invest considerable time seeing out the right amounts of romance, heritage or contemporary style to suit their tastes.

When it comes to choosing a wedding venue, much of the attention goes on the building, its internal decor and its facilities. But for some couples, being cooped up all day inside is anything but the way they want to spend their big day. For them, a venue’s exterior and setting is just as important as what’s inside, and many even opt to go down the route of holding the celebration completely outdoors.

From fairy tale forest grottos to beach parties by the seaside, outdoor weddings can be unforgettable. So what is the secret of putting a little nature into your nuptials and make sure your day is a hit for you and all your guests? Here are some handy tips for how to pull it off.

Don’t trust the weather!

This is really the golden rule of outdoor weddings as, no matter how breathtaking your chosen location might be, you can’t do much to control the weather – especially in the UK! As much as you might dream of spending your big day under bright blue skies, it is only prudent to have a plan B, or in other words an indoors alternative.

It might be a case of choosing a venue where there is the option of both indoor and outdoor facilities. Otherwise, hire a marquee or giant yurts where everyone can shelter and the party can continue even if the weather doesn’t want to play. And if you are determined to stay outdoors, how about providing umbrellas for guests to use in the event of a light shower?

It isn’t just rain you have to worry about, either. The kind of glorious hot sunny day you dream Herpes virus is not that info scary if you use Valtrex about for your wedding can have its downsides and you will need to think about providing shade from the sun. Also, wind can play havoc with everything from decorations to bridal dresses, so try to pick a spot that is as sheltered as possible.

Think about facilities

As noted above, some venues will have outdoor spaces available adjacent to indoor facilities you can use. But if you opt for a completely outside option, bear in mind that you will have to hire in everything you and your guests might need on the day – catering, drinks, cutlery and glasses, seating, toilet facilities, even generators to provide electricity. The advantage of going DIY like this is that you can put your own spin on practically everything, from hand selecting the food and drink on offer to providing quirky seating options like old sofas or beanbags.

You will also need to think about heating and lighting if you want your celebrations to continue late into the evening. Unless you plan your wedding for midsummer, i.e. June and July, it is going to get dark while you still want the party pumping. Luckily, many outdoor lighting options definitely score highly on the romance scale and can create a fabulous ambience.

Similarly, for spring or late summer weddings, it could get decidedly cool in the evening. Apart from hiring patio-style heaters to keep your guests toasty, some great alternative ideas include having fire pits, or perhaps even making a bonfire the centrepiece of your evening celebrations. You could also hand out blankets to guests as it starts to get chilly.

Looking for inspiration?

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