Planning the Big Day: What You Need to Do and When

Planning a wedding is one of the most exciting times of your life. From the moment the question is popped and the answer is positive, thoughts of that magical special day add a new purpose to a relationship, bonding the happy couple even closer together.

But it can also be quite daunting. Venue, catering, dress, rings, wedding party, vows, transportation, invites, entertainment, decor – the list of things to organise just goes on and on.

You hear stories of wedding planning consuming people’s lives and becoming so stressful that it actually pushes couples apart – the exact opposite of what it is meant to do.

The key to handling any big project, apart from trying to keep a perspective on things, is good organisation. Yes, there is a lot to planning a wedding and it can be hard work. If you jump into it in a haphazard way, you can easily end up feeling swamped.

But with a little foresight and planning, you can make sure you keep things in good enough order to keep a smile on your face right up until the moment you both say ‘I do’.

Before you start

First things first – make sure you both talk to each other about the kind of wedding you want before you launch into planning. This is not something you want to make up as you go along. Agree a vision for the size of wedding, the type of venue, anything in particular you both want to include, and then use those as your goals to work towards.

The first steps

Weddings are expensive, so your first step should be to draw up a realistic budget and agree how you are going to pull those funds together. Then it is a case of doing some preliminary research into the cost of venues so you can decide how many guests you can afford to invite.

With that done, it’s time to set a date. It isn’t essential, especially if you fix a date well in advance, but many couples find it easier to confirm a venue as a way to writing the date in stone. Then, with a date and venue in place, they are ready to send out invitations.

The long haul

Once budget, date, venue, guest list and invitations are sorted, that is when the bulk of the work really starts. There is lots to get through – deciding on and asking bridesmaids and the best man, dresses for the bride and her party, suits for the groom and groomsmen, flowers, rings, catering, entertainment, photographer, cake… and not forgetting the ceremony itself!

The key here is to give yourself as much time as you need. There is no right and wrong order to do everything, so make a list of everything you can think of and then plan it out into what seems like a sensible and manageable order. Just remember not to leave everything to the last minute – the more notice you can give photographers, caterers, cake makers, tailors and so on, the more chance there is of getting everything arranged without any stresses. You also need to give a certain amount of notice legally for registering your intentions to marry with the relevant authorities.

Final preparations

The last few weeks before your wedding can seem like a whirlwind and, it must be said, you will probably be looking forward to the big day arriving so it all ends!

The last push for the finishing post is usually spent looking to little details like dress and suit fittings, picking out accessories, arranging flowers, making decorations, ordering wedding favours – essentially all the added little extras which are not important enough to rank alongside the ‘big stuff’ you need to prioritise early on, but which add those special little touches to your day.

Your final tasks will also involve liaising and checking with suppliers about delivery times, when entertainers and transportation will be arriving on the day, checking with guests for any last minute cancellations and, in the final few days, asking an army of volunteers to help you make sure everything is in place.

Then all you need to do is relax and have the time of your life.

Ready to get started on your wedding planning journey? Get one of the major early jobs out the way and organise your venue.

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