The Pros and Cons of a Winter Wedding

We all the the stereotype of the dream wedding day – clear blue skies, bright sunshine, guests sipping champagne on a lush green lawn while the bride and groom pose for photographs against the backdrop of gardens in full bloom. Or something along those lines, anyway.

But there are many reasons why you might not aspire to the idyllic summer wedding. Summer might be out because of other commitments, or perhaps you simply don’t want to follow the herd.

So if high summer is out for your big day, why not turn the calendar a full 180 degrees – what about a winter wedding? Here is a quick overview of the merits and drawbacks of planning your nuptials for the coldest months of the year.

Winter wedding pros

  • Venues are likely to be much less busy over winter than they are in the summer, so you will get much more choice. If you really have your heart set on a particularly popular place, winter is when you will have the best chance to secure a booking, without having to join a waiting list for a couple of years.
  • The quieter season also brings big cost savings – you will pay a premium to book a busy venue when demand is high, but could save thousands in the winter when bookings are scant.
  • If you fall lucky with the weather, there is nothing quite as romantic as snow on the ground – the perfect match for the bride’s dress in your wedding photos.
  • Equally, an intimate indoor affair with plenty of candlelight and roaring log fires will create an ambience neither you nor your Valtrex Precautions guests will ever forget.
  • A winter wedding provides the option of tying in with the Christmas and New Year holidays. Tap into the festive spirit – and the fact lots of your site guests are likely to be off work – by throwing one enormous yuletide wedding party.
  • Winter can be quite a depressing time of year, especially in the lull after Christmas. What better way to lift spirits and warm hearts than by hosting a wedding?

Winter wedding cons

  • Depending on the type of venue you are looking at, you may find that some are either shut or not available for large bookings over the winter off-season.
  • Snow is the dream for winter wedding weather, but the truth is in the UK you have a better chance of getting sun for your summer wedding – and that is saying something!  Typical winter weather is not so much romantically bright and sparkly as dull, grey and drizzly.
  • Outfits become more of a challenge in the winter, especially for the bride and her maids. Trying to balance flattering dresses with staying warm is a tricky one.  No one wants to be walking down the aisle in a coat, so you better be sure the heating works in your chosen venue.
  • Getting into the Christmas spirit for your wedding is a great idea, but equally it is already an extremely busy time of year for most people. If you don’t give plenty of notice, you may find a lot of guests already have plans heading off to visit friends and family.

If you are looking for a unique, stylish venue for your winter wedding, The Colony offers something just that little bit out of the ordinary that will perfectly complement your plans for a day to remember.  With our covered, heated terrace offering gorgeous views of the Cheshire countryside, we offer the best of both warm indoor comfort and the romance of natural scenery, with space for up to 100 guests.  Contact us todayto arrange a viewing.