Virtual Offices: Why They Are a Must-Have for Every Microbusiness

Reality isn’t what it used to be. From AI-powered virtual assistants like Alexa which answer your queries as you go about day-to-day tasks, to fully immersive alternate digital realities accessible via a VR headset, the virtual is taking over.

Businesses can even operate out of a virtual office these days, without ever setting foot in an actual office building. Virtual offices provide a business address, telephone number, mail forwarding and call answering services, business IT infrastructure and, should you ever need it, meeting room and conference space for hire. Your business, meanwhile, operates from wherever you choose.

If you run a start-up enterprise still working from home, setting up a virtual office for your business brings numerous benefits. Equally, if you are a small business struggling to justify your expenditure on leasing office space, a switch to a virtual office could provide the answer to all your problems.

So what exactly can a virtual office offer? Let’s take a look at the key benefits.

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When dealing with a business of almost any type, clients and suppliers still have the expectation that they will have their own offices as a base of operations. Being able to provide a business address helps to meet this expectation and overcome any potential bias against home businesses. On a more practical level, the fact that virtual office operators provide services like a manned reception helps businesses with a very small number of employees provide a better service, as it always means someone is available to take a call.

Separate home and business life

Some people who set up businesses at home end up having concerns about how it blurs the lines How to get a Valtrex prescription between their professional and personal lives. They have to give out their home address on invoices and use their home or mobile telephone number for business. Especially when the business starts to grow, they find they are getting more calls than they bargained for, sometimes ‘out of hours’ when their family is home. A virtual office provides a handy degree of separation, meaning you are able to keep you home address and contact details private and channel work through your new virtual contact points.

Free up time for core tasks

One of the difficulties of being a sole proprietor or a small team is that you have to do everything yourself. Basic administration such as answering the phone and handling the mail can eat into your precious time. With a virtual office, you are effectively outsourcing some of these routine tasks, ensuring you can answer calls and mail in a time and fashion that best suits your schedule while you get on with the core running of your business.

Reduce costs

Finally, whether you already rent an office or you are considering doing so as your business expands, the big benefit of a virtual office is lower costs. Unless you genuinely need the workspace, i.e. because you have several team members and all want them working in the same place, a virtual office can save you thousands of pounds every year, a guaranteed way to protect or increase margins.

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