Wedding Cakes or Cheesecakes: Which is Better?

It has to be said, the traditional wedding fruit cake is a little bit Marmite – some people absolutely love it, others cannot stand the stuff and have no interest in taking home a piece whenever they go to a wedding.

If you and your betrothed fall into the latter category, you will probably be thinking about an alternative for your wedding cake – regardless of custom, who wants a cake that they don’t like at their own wedding?

Increasingly, even if the happy couple themselves are partial to the occasional piece of fruit cake, they lean towards having something else at the wedding. It might just be that they both love another type of cake, but it is also a decision made out of concern for guests’ preferences. If you are worried that not everyone will like fruit cake, do you really want half of yours left over after your wedding?

One very popular option is cheesecake, for one very simple reason – surely most people love cheesecake? But does it really stand up as a serious alternative to fruit cake at a wedding? Let’s have a look at the pros and cons.


As much as tasting great, everyone wants their wedding cake to look fantastic. Most of us like to stick to the traditional tiered structure, if for no better reason than it is the most economical way to present enough cake for a large number of guests in a way that still looks eye-catching. So is fruit cake the default option because it is easiest to tier and decorate?

Not really. You can layer pretty much any cake you like in tiers and you could argue that cheesecake is easier to decorate that fruit cake. Instead of the skilled and laborious process of working with fondant or royal icing, cheesecakes can be effectively decorates with buttercream, foam icing or even read more fresh cream, which are much easier to work with.

You might have to forego having written inscriptions on your cheesecake, but you get extra flexibility in other ways, for example the option to decorate your cake in fresh fruit. Depending on the filling, cheesecake and fresh fruit is naturally a very colourful combination. There is also the option of making cheesecakes in individual portion sizes and stacking them, which not only makes serving them easier, it can also look fantastic.

Shelf life

Fruit cake does, however, have one big advantage over other types of cake, and cheesecake especially – it keeps a long time. This means that it can be made well in advance of the wedding. If you are ordering it from a professional supplier, this helps to make sure there are no problems with scheduling around the date of your wedding. If you or someone you know are making it, it allows plenty of time to do the decorating.

With cheesecake, it has to be made and decorated a day or two before the wedding itself. At busy times, suppliers might struggle with availability to meet your needs. And if you are doing your own cake, you probably have other things to do last minute than make and decorate cheesecake for a hundred guests.

Ultimately, however, the most important factor in choosing a wedding cake is personal preference – go with whatever you and your partner like best, and you can even mix two or more types of cake into one if you prefer.

It is also important you get the right venue to suit your tastes. Whether you are a fruit cake or a cheesecake couple, we are sure you will find plenty to tickle your fancy at our fabulous, fully catered contemporary premises in the heart of Cheshire. Contact our team to book a viewing today.