How to Come Up With the Perfect Wedding Hashtag

Thinking of hashtagging your wedding? If you’ve watched Sara Pascoe’s hilarious stand-up show, LadsLadsLads, you may well have cringed when she talked about her friends’ hashtagged wedding photos.

Yep — it’s kind of twee, but hashtagging weddings is becoming increasingly common, and there are some good reasons to try it.

It’s great to be able to collect lots of photos from your guests without having to nag them for the files, and it can also make your guests feel more connected on the day. Insta snaps are great conversation starters, and you may even find that your guests strike up new friendships and connections.

Secrets of a Great Wedding Hashtag

First things first — you need one hashtag for the wedding. It’s a good idea to settle on something early on and incorporate it into your invitations. But if you’re starting late, don’t panic; better try and standardise something now than leave it to chance.

The experts over at The Knot say that there are two ways to go. Either keep it simple (starting with a name, then adding a date or another word to the end). Or come up with a pun or cheeky in-joke that you guests will recognise.

It helps if you can come up with something unique so that your photos are easy to find on social media.

Avoid hashtags that are a pain to type: too long, too complicated, or with random numbers or letters that are difficult to read or write.

Your hashtag can never really be yours forever; Antiviral another couple may come along and use it. So don’t go crazy trying to come up with something clever or unique. Just do your best to find a workable hashtag that’s reasonably easy to remember.

Stop! Before You Print the Wedding Invites

Before sending your wedding invites with your brand new hashtag, do a few final checks:

  • Get a friend to cast their eye over the hashtag for any faux pas; never forget the unintended hilarity around SuBo’s album launch hashtag. You really don’t want that.
  • Check that your hashtag isn’t being used by a brand or (if you can possibly help it) another wedding. You may have to grin and bear a clash if you don’t catch it in advance, but checking ahead of time could save some confusion or last-minute alterations.

Finally, you may wish to let your wedding venue know about your hashtag so that they can use it on the signage for guests. You could also ask your official photographer to use it so that everyone can see the best shots from the day.

It’s All About the Finishing Touches

At The Colony, we know that it’s the little details that make every wedding unique, and we’re here to ensure that you get hitched without a hitch. If you’re looking for the ideal Cheshire wedding venue, come along to one of our wedding open days in 2019, or give us a call to organise a visit if you’d prefer to come along for a personal tour.