What is a Virtual Office?

Virtual offices are becoming an essential asset for large corporate firms and lone entrepreneurs alike – and not without reason. These versatile working hubs enable businesses of all sizes to operate beyond previous boundaries without the overheads expansion and relocation usually incur. So what is a virtual office, and what could investing in virtual office space do for your business?

Virtual offices enable you to host meetings anywhere, anytime

Previously any meetings held outside of the office were hastily arranged in hotels, secluded restaurant booths and coffee shops. Now with smart virtual office space rushed liaisons in coffee shops and airports are a thing of the past. You can host that crucial meeting in a discreet, secure setting – whilst promoting your company and making an all-important positive impression on your client or business associate.

Virtual offices enable you to secure a high-calibre working environment
wherever you need it

Productivity is undoubtedly affected by our surroundings. Studies have shown that our environment dictates our mood and therefore it influences our brain activity – so it’s crucial that we’re in the right place in order to be in the right frame of mind to do business. Often cafes and hotel rooms don’t provide the best lighting or seating arrangements – let alone adequate desk space and power outlets. After all, these spaces aren’t designed with productivity and mental motivation in mind.

Specialised virtual office space has been designed with productivity in mind. At Colony HQ intelligent work stations and essential facilities combine with stunning architecture and comfortable surroundings, ensuring that residents and visitors are able to get straight to work without locating plug sockets, desk space and blocking out distracting background noise.

Virtual offices allow you to expand your business without overheads

One of the most significant advantages attached to virtual office space for overseas clients is the facilitation of a new hub in a crucial commercial environment – without the costs associated with securing permanent office space. Virtual offices enable clients to come and go, paying a minimal fee for a prestigious business address, mail forwarding and state-of-the-art working environments and meeting spaces when required.

Here in Manchester the £800,000 Airport City scheme along with Salford’s MediaCity project and continually expanding transport links by sea, rail and air have seen new businesses flooding into the area – creating an attractive prospect for overseas entrepreneurs and investors who wish to claim their share of a burgeoning market. The Colony HQ provides virtual office space for international clients who need to maintain a presence here in the UK but aren’t always able to fully relocate or commit to a long-term lease.

The Colony HQ provides virtual office space for clients from around the UK and overseas. Our efficient working hub enables clients from China, the Middle East and the US to grow their business in the heart of England’s Northern Powerhouse. For further information on how you can claim your share of the UK’s growing market for international clients please contact us or continue to browse our website.