What Your Wedding Venue Says About You

These days, the number of wedding venues out there are seemingly endless; from traditional stately homes and hotels, to the possibility of getting wed in theatres, art galleries and more. Have you ever wondered what a wedding venue says about the couple themselves?

We’ve put together some of the top wedding venues, and a little bit about the couples who typically opt for each. Do you recognise yourself in any of these descriptions?

The Hotel

The huge hotel wedding venue was made for couples who want to keep things big, beautiful and wonderfully traditional. Brides opting for a hotel wedding have likely thought about their big day for a while now, and want an event full of the finer things in life. The couple who host their wedding in a hotel definitely know how to throw a party – and want their guests to be talking about it for a long time after!

The Rustic Barn

Couples who wed in rustic barn settings are all about that vintage chic look – mason jars, chalkboard signs and aisles overflowing with beautiful candle light and gorgeous flower displays. Whether you’re getting back to countryside roots or looking to escape the city feel, rustic barn weddings say alternative, stylish, and a couple up for a party as much as they are looking for a beautiful space for their dream day.

The Outdoors Wedding

Outdoors weddings are usually set in the most gorgeous surroundings, either in the middle of rolling countryside, or hidden away in a fairy-tale val trexshop woods setting. Either way, the couple who weds outdoors is all about being free-spirited and embracing bohemian vibes. We’re thinking fairy lights, huge arrays of wildflowers and rustic, vintage decor that transforms an outdoors venue into a modern fairytale setting.

The Ultra-Modern

The couple who opts for an ultra-modern venue is all about style, sophistication, and surroundings that reflect those values. Ultra-modern coupes definitely value the finer things in life, and love an excuse to have a high-glamour party for all their friends and family to enjoy. If you’re having your wedding in a modern venue, we know that your wedding attire is going to be at the heights of fashion – along with the rest of your wedding theme!

The Beach Wedding

If you’re getting married on the beach, you’re probably a couple that leans towards laid-back, casual affairs more than huge parties. You prefer a small guest list with your closest friends and family, with the emphasis on enjoying paradise and your honeymoon surrounded by your loved ones. Rather than a big wedding dress and slick suit, you’re likely the type of couple who would prefer to walk up the aisle barefoot and enjoy your surroundings straight after the ceremony.

At The Colony HQ, we’re all about sleek, stylish, ultra-modern weddings in our beautiful venue based in Wilmslow, Cheshire. If this sounds like the right match for you, do get in touch with us today to discuss viewing our beautiful venue and booking it for your dream wedding.