Why More Entrepreneurs are Scrapping Offices

Of all the changes that have affected modern businesses recently, remote working is perhaps the most profound. Empowered by faster connection speeds and cloud technology, employees are free to choose the best location to work – even if it’s on the other side of the world.

There’s a good argument for improved work-life balance, and the reduction in time needed to commute can be a boost to mental wellbeing. In fact, for many entrepreneurs, the traditional office is no more than a millstone around their neck.

Do You Really Need an Office?

If you’re bootstrapping a business, staff and office space are likely to be your two biggest costs. But there’s a very good argument for striking the office space off your business plan completely.

Assuming you’re hiring good quality staff, you may not need them to be physically in the same room. Many companies that have trialled remote working against in-office working have found that there’s very little difference in productivity. In fact, remote working is sometimes better in terms of tangible results.

The old-fashioned traps of switchboards and networking are no longer a prerequisite; you can get a lot done with VOIP telephony and a good-quality fibre broadband connection.

In fact, there’s really only one situation when you might need an office: client meetings.

Rent an Office, or Rent a Room?

If a new client wants to come and visit you, it may be that they want to discuss something face-to-face. But part of the reason clients visit is to suss you out. They want to know how you work — and they may also Valtrex 1 gram want to see where you do it.

If you don’t have a physical office, you can panic, or you can embrace the opportunity to make a good impression. In some cases, hiring a meeting room can actually be a good way to make your business look legitimate and trustworthy, and you could meet your client in a space that’s far bigger and better than you could ever afford to rent month by month.

When you rent an office, you should get access to all of the modern facilities you’d have in your own premises: printing, WiFi, tea and coffee, and up-to-date tech for video calling. In fact, your meeting room should give you everything you’d have if it was part of your own building.

Bucking the Trend

Changing the way we work is always a daunting process. For some of us, remote working still feels risky.

And in some ways, you can appreciate that business meetings require a comfortable and convenient place to get together.

We’re unlikely to see the trend against rented offices changing any time soon. But as this sea change happens, renting a meeting room is still going to be top of the agenda when important clients call.

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